April 2020 – Parcel Contents

Hello everyone!

Well, it’s the last day of April and it’s definitely been one of the strangest and most challenging April’s we’ve all ever seen…

Despite this, you’ve continued to support us and we are so grateful. We’ve loved hearing what a difference receiving your parcels is making to your lockdown experience – we hoped we could continue packing your parcels, as we know so many of you say you’re looking forward to them, more than ever, as a much-needed distraction and smile, at this difficult time.

Our April theme was “Keep Growing” and they contained a lovely splash of colourful Springtime!

April Contents:

Terracotta Pot –

Your parcel theme this month is “Keep Growing”, as we wanted to bring a welcome burst of Springtime to your home. Your first item is a very cute terracotta pot. We thought the daisy design was lovely, and it’s the perfect way to get you started on a little challenge we’ve set you, read on…

Bean, with Instructions –

We loved these beans as soon as we discovered them – for obvious reasons! We’ve included an instruction sheet with these too, to give you a head start, and explain more about them…and why they are “magic”. We’d love to see your photos as your beans begin to grow, so do send them over to us on our Facebook page.

Friends Photo Frame –

We’re all going through a very uncertain time at the moment, which probably means that sadly, we aren’t able to spend as much time with friends and family as we’d like to. The quote on this frame should be a little reminder that they are still there, even when we can’t see them every day, and remember, this unique situation will pass, although it’s difficult at the moment, it’s temporary and we will come through the other side, together.

Pink Gerbera –

It’s going to take a little while before you begin to see the beginnings of your bean plant, so we’ve included something that is already in full bloom – albeit artificial! Nevertheless, this pretty pink gerbera will add a spot of Springtime colour to any arrangement.

 “Keep Going” –

We thought this postcard was very apt at the moment, with all the uncertainties, it’s important to keep going – and I promise, it won’t always be this difficult. Postcard from “Colour Your Life Club”.

Smile Cards

As always, there should be a couple of these little cards in your parcel, I’ve written one for you, and the blank one, is for you to write a short inspirational or positive message, and give to someone you know, or leave somewhere for a complete stranger to find – but this is of course optional, there’s absolutely no pressure to do this if you don’t want to.

Parcel Assistant

Your pompom Parcel Assistant who helped (or hindered!) us with packing your parcel this month, was…Albert!

Karen x