We Won!! Women In Business

Something exciting happened this week, we won another award!

We won the Jacqueline Gold Women in business award via her Twitter page.

It is known as #WOW, which stands for Women on Wednesday, as that’s when entrepreneurs can enter and the winners are chosen.

Jacqueline Gold is the CEO of Ann Summers, and has a huge following on social media, so to get chosen by her, and retweeted to her followers is a great boost for us.

If you have a business and would like to enter #WOW, you need to be a female entrepreneur, and tweet Jacqueline Gold about your business between 1 – 3pm on a Wednesday, including the all important hashtag #WOW.

After 3pm, Jacqueline goes through all those tweets and businesses, and chooses her top 3, announcing them on her Twitter page.

As a winner, we are given a Women in business badge, which we can use on our website, and in advertising materials, to show that Jacqueline is a fan of our business.

We also gain access to a support group on Facebook, where previous #WOW winners can share business tips and advice with each other.

So, if you qualify, you should definitely give entering a go…

Karen x

We Won! Theo Paphitis #SBS

We have a very exciting blog post this week, because, we won!! We are overwhelmed with the comments and lovely feedback we’ve had, so thank you so much.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, I’ll explain…

Theo Paphitis, is one of the dragons from TV show Dragons Den, and he created Small Business Sunday, shortened to hashtag #SBS on Twitter, in 2010.

Each week, Theo rewards small businesses that tweet him, describing their business in one tweet, and of course including the all important hashtag. All tweets must be posted on Sunday between 5 – 7.30pm, to be counted.

Then on Monday evenings at 8pm, Theo reviews all of those tweets, and chooses his favourite lucky 6, who he then retweets to his over 500,000 followers!

As well as receiving a retweet, there are lots of amazing perks to winning.

You gain password access to Theo’s website, which contains lots of business help and information, as well as having your own business logo, details and website link added to his directory.

This website also contains a press release template, to use to make the most out of your win when contacting the media for publicity.

You receive an official winner banner and round stamp logo, with your business name, to use on all your social media accounts, and website, or anywhere you want to help promote your business.

Your products can be added to the shop #SBS website, which contains products only available from businesses who have won Small Business Sunday, which is great exposure.

Every Tuesday evening, the Twitter hashtag #SBSWinnersHour can be used between 8.30 – 9.30pm, to network with other winners and share products and business support.

There’s also a Facebook group, which can accessed to network and share guidance and support with others too.

As well as all of this, you also receive an invite to the annual Small Business Sunday live event in Birmingham, which all #SBS winners can attend to meet with other winners, as well as meet Theo himself, for a photo while collecting your certificate!

It’s definitely very exciting for us, and we are over the moon to win, especially as around 1500 businesses tweet each Sunday, and only 6 are selected!

So, if you have a small business, I definitely recommend giving it a try, it costs nothing except a couple of minutes to post one little tweet…

Karen x