Keep Going, It’s All Temporary…


It’s been a while, but as we enter the fourth week of Coronavirus lockdown, I think it’s time we had a positive mental health tip!

It’s definitely a very strange time, Spring is here and we should all be outside, enjoying the sunshine and looking at the beautiful scenery, as the Springtime colours burst into life…but sadly, at the moment, it’s essential that we all stay safe inside.

Spring is known as being a season of new life and growth and regardless of how old we are, or what we’ve been through, we are all growing, all of the time.

We may not be able to get outside to see a lot of it happening around us at the moment, and it may feel like life as sort-off, well, stopped, but while we are quarantined inside, it’s also a great opportunity to refocus on our goals, and make plans for what we’re going to do when the lockdown is lifted.

Personal growth is an important part of life, it gives us the chance to experience new things and learn about ourselves, about others, and the world around us.

We are always evolving as people, life is always changing, and we can choose to stay where we are, or we can continue to grow with it, keep learning, challenge ourselves and have new experiences.

Personal growth can be great for our overall well-being and mental health too, as it can make us more prepared and able to deal with the challenges that life will undoubtedly throw our way, and develop the skills needed to handle our emotions.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep fighting on and know which direction we should be heading, and that’s Okay, but if we want to make the most out of life, we need to learn to push through these obstacles and barriers.

Keep going and keep growing…it may be difficult at the moment, but remember it is all temporary, and we will come through the other side, together.

Karen x