Our Story

Hello, I’m Karen, and I’m the owner and founder of The Smile Parcel.

We are based in Leicestershire, UK, so are conveniently located in the Midlands, to easily dispatch parcels all over the UK.

Before The Smile Parcel, we ran a successful online home accessories and gifts business, which we enjoyed for several years, and during this time we had the opportunity to meet lots of amazing and talented people, along with small businesses and hard working crafters.

In 2016, following my diagnoses with anxiety, we decided to change the direction of the business, and do something close to our hearts, that could have real purpose, and make a difference to people, in a good way – and so The Smile Parcel was born!

Our business may still be young, but we are hoping, with your help, to build and build, and get as many parcels (and smiles) as we can, to lots of people, all over the UK.

So, what is The Smile Parcel?

The Smile Parcel is a monthly parcel for anyone who'd like to receive a smile in the post...

Everyone feels down from time to time, whether it be the pressures of work, family and friends, or general getting by, day to day, and this is where the inspiration for The Smile Parcel came from.

Simply, The Smile Parcel is a box, delivered directly to your (or a friends) home address, every month, filled with lovely things to make you smile. The contents will vary each month, and will be kept a secret until you receive it (that’s half the fun!), but will include, items for your home, decorations and inspirational gifts, along with a few fun things, and maybe even something to eat!

What we can tell you is that the contents, where possible, will be from small independent businesses within the UK. We also try to buy from artisan and craftspeople where we can, supporting cottage industries and families too.

The Smile Parcel’s are carefully wrapped and packaged during the first week of each month, and should arrive with you during the second week of each month – all ready for you to un-box (or un-parcel!).

If you have any questions prior to ordering, please contact us using the options listed on our 'Contact Us' page.

The Smile Parcel can be ordered in 3 ways:

6 month subscription - 1 parcel each month for 6 months - £16 a month

3 month subscription – 1 parcel each month for 3 months - £17.50 a month


A one off parcel, either as a gift for someone who deserves it, or for yourself (you deserve it too!) - £19.

Click on one of the options below:

£17.50 a month


£16 a month