June 2020 – Parcel Contents


Right, I’m back on track this month and have remembered to show you this months parcel contents, on time…whoop! 😉

Our theme for June was “Step Outside” and they contained products all associated with making the most out of our time being outside, seeing nature and exploring the great outdoors!

June Contents:

Butterflies & Bees Welcome Here –

This month your parcel theme is ‘Step Outside’. Usually at this time of the year, we’d be encouraging you to get outside, see the countryside, visit parks and generally enjoy the great outdoors in every way possible. But, as we know, this year is a little different! Having said this, we can still enjoy being outside, within the parameters allowed, and hopefully we will be back experiencing it with friends and family soon. What we can do though, is enjoy being with nature, take in our surroundings and notice the butterflies and bees, whether that’s in our own gardens, or while taking a leisurely stroll.

Heart Decoration –

We loved the delicate design of this hanging metal heart decoration. Now it just needs somewhere lovely to hang, maybe in a window, on a door handle, or even as part of a gallery wall display.

Bee Wish Bracelet –

This lovely “Don’t Worry Bee Happy” wish charm bracelet has been lovingly handmade by Mermaid Marys UK, who you can find on Etsy.

The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on, and using the power of our mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts, to materialise into reality. Now, I admit, this isn’t something we know a lot about, however, we do believe that positivity and focusing on our dreams and goals, is a great first step to achieving them!

Mini Rainbow –

“Be A Rainbow In Someone Else’s Cloud” – we loved the little gift bag alone, so when we discovered the cute resin rainbow inside, these were a must-have addition to your parcel this month. Rainbows have taken on a new meaning during the current pandemic, and we’ve become used to seeing them to support the amazing work of the NHS and our key workers. It’s understandable that some people will want to forget about this period in time when this is all over, but for others, they want to remember a time when they got to spend time at home with family. We decided to include the rainbow, so you can keep it as a memento yourself if you wish, or pass it on to someone who may be struggling, or maybe give to a much-valued key worker.

 The Tiger of Unapologetic Awesomeness –

Well, there’s not a lot we can say about “The Tiger of Unapologetic Awesomeness” apart from, well, he’s awesome?!

Postcard from Katie Abey Design.

Smile Cards

As always, there should be a couple of these little cards in your parcel, I’ve written one for you, and the blank one, is for you to write a short inspirational or positive message, and give to someone you know, or leave somewhere for a complete stranger to find – but this is of course optional, there’s absolutely no pressure to do this if you don’t want to.

Parcel Assistant

Your Pom-Pom Parcel Assistant who helped us to pack your parcel this time was, Kenny!

Karen x

It’s Just One Day…

At this time of year, we’re surrounded by festive cheer, laughter and talk of spending time with friends and family, but sadly, that’s just not the case for everyone.

For lots of reasons, Christmas can be a difficult time for lots of people, so it’s important to be kind to yourself over the Christmas period.

The prospect of attending gatherings or parties can be daunting, and even the fact that our usual daily routine is disturbed at this time of year, can cause additional anxiety.

Try not to put pressure on yourself to please everyone else – remember it’s your holiday time too…don’t spend it feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

If you’re feeling anxious and need to step away for a moment, do it, find a quiet area, simply breathing in and exhaling, slowly and deeply, can help your body settle down to a more natural, resting state, and ease feelings of anxiety.

If you can, keep doing the activities or hobbies that you enjoy during the rest of the year, so you don’t notice the change of daily routine too much, and remember, it is just one day…


Karen x

Relax & Recharge

We can forget how important it is, to take time out, to relax and recharge our batteries – in fact it’s not just important, it’s vital!

In the same way that the technology we use every day, needs to be rested and recharged regularly, we, as humans, work just as hard, if not harder, so it’s essential that we do too.

There are so many ways to recharge, some people like to simply chill out in front of a fabulous boxset, and get “lost” for a while, while others may like to participate in hobbies, or activities that they enjoy. Whatever is your choice, we all need to give ourselves a break and some much-deserved downtime.

However, taking time out for ourselves can sometimes feel like we are somehow being “lazy”, or that we should always be on-the-go, after all, it seems that there’s always something that needs doing, but if we don’t give ourselves this time, to simply step back, and take a moment to breathe, we can experience burn-out, and then our overall wellbeing and mental health can be hugely impacted, in a negative way. If we keep going at full speed, constantly, it can be really hard on us, both physically and mentally.

Taking time off gives both our mind, and body, a chance to “switch off” and unwind for a while. Going away on holiday, is an obvious way to take a break, but in reality, that isn’t always an option, so it can be a great idea to plan relaxation times in advance.

It doesn’t matter whether your “thing” is to take part in an activity, such as joining a group, maybe yoga, an art class, or circling in the countryside – it can be something physical, something creative, or simply planning time to do absolutely nothing…it really doesn’t matter, as long as it gives you, time to be, you.

So, whatever you enjoy, make time to do it, go on, you work hard – you deserve it!

Karen x

June 2019 – Parcel Contents

We’re quickly approaching the end of June, and although Summer is supposedly going to make a return later this week, it’s currently pouring down with rain out of my office window!

Fingers crossed, Summer will be back soon, and we can all venture back outside. The theme for our parcels this month was “Step Outside”, and they contained products all connected with encouraging the recipient to get outside, into the fresh air…and simply take a moment, to breathe.

June Contents:

Sunglasses Case –

Being outside in the fresh air is brilliant for our mental health and overall well-being, and fingers crossed, the British weather will be kind to us, and make it a little easier too! We all know that protecting ourselves while outside is important, so if we’re going to wear sunglasses – it’s also important that they have a stylish home!

We loved the quote on these cases too “Always Bee Yourself” – so true.

Rainbow Pin & Filigree Heart –

Pins and badges are a great way to add a little personality to clothing and bags. There are so many inspirational designs available, but this rainbow was a great fit for this month’s theme.

The filigree heart decoration is so pretty and delicate, and looks lovely hanging, well, anywhere…

Bee Pebble –

At TSP HQ, we are a big fan of bumble bees – after all, they practically keep us all alive! These cute pebbles look perfect as decorations, sitting on top of flower pots, or simply on the window sill. We discovered these on eBay, created by a lovely lady called Emma, who also makes a similar design with ladybirds, and paints lovely plant pots too. You can find her eBay shop here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/emsi2110

Clay Sunshine & Rainbow Drops –

This happy clay dough sunshine made us smile from ear to ear as soon as we first saw it, and we knew they were a must for this month’s parcels. It now just needs a lovely bright sunny window to hang in, to do it’s shimmering and twinkling in full!

Umm, tasty Rainbow Drops remind us so much of childhood, sitting on the grass in the playground, without a care in the world – I’ll take a bit of that!

 “Every Lovely Word…” –

We’ve got a slightly different postcard for you this month. “You are every lovely word I could possibly think of” – we may not have ever met in person, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t true. These cards have been made by Cara over at “Red Fox Design” – you can find their shop on Etsy here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/weareredfoxdesign

Smile Cards

As always, there should be a couple of these little cards in your parcel, I’ve written one for you, and the blank one, is for you to write a short inspirational or positive message, and give to someone you know, or leave somewhere for a complete stranger to find – but this is of course optional, there’s absolutely no pressure to do this if you don’t want to.

Parcel Assistant

Your *Parcel Assistant for June is Colin. Now, Colin is overwhelmingly excited about the arrival of Summer – he loves a refreshing dip in a pool, so if you have a pond – please remind him that he can’t swim!!

Karen x

*Parcel Assistants are cheeky little pompom chaps who help (or hinder!) us with packing your monthly parcels!


May 2019 – Parcel Contents

The last day of May is almost upon us, and soon Summertime will be in full swing!

Our parcels for May were all about the importance of taking a well-deserved break, making time for a cuppa with a friend, and having an overdue catch-up and natter!

The theme this month was “Cuppa Break”.

May Contents:

“I Can’t Adult Today” Travel Mug –

This month’s parcel is all about those times when we need to give ourselves a break – and even better, a cuppa break! We chose a travel mug, so you can, well, take it with you, so there’s no excuse to not have a well-deserved cuppa break, wherever you are. We loved the quote on this mug…in fact, I’m not sure that I will be able to “adult” tomorrow either!!

Pukka Tea Bags –

Obviously, we couldn’t give you a mug without including a couple of tea bags. Having a cuppa is a great excuse to meet up with a friend, and have a good old catch-up! We’ve included 2 different tea bags from Pukka – Vanilla Chai and Night Time, so whether you’re looking for a warming lift or to relax before sleep…we’ve got you covered.

The little “Tea Time” packet has been made by Mel over at The Kraft Package, you can find Mel over on Etsy here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TheKraftPackage

Biscuit Tub & Coaster –

This cute biscuit tub is perfect for popping in the car, or in a handbag, just to have a sweet treat ready at hand, just when you need a little pick-me-up. Asking “How are you?” may seem simple, but it’s easy to forget how important it is. Life is busy, we’re always on-the-go, and sometimes we just need someone to ask “Are you Okay?” without feeling like we should reply with “I’m fine”.

Heart Plaque –

We love the rustic style of these heart plaques, and their unusual design, as the text has been laser engraved – “There’s always time for tea and cake” …so true!

They have been made by Scorching Designs (great name!), who you can also find over in their Etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ScorchingDesigns

 “Breathe” –

Our theme this month is all about encouraging you to take a break, and if possible, meet up with a friend. Sometimes, we all need a moment, just to breathe, and be reminded that, whatever is happening in our lives, we are strong, and we will get through this. We don’t always need someone to tell us the answers to our problems, we just want someone to listen. Postcard from ‘Katie Abey Design’.

Smile Cards

As always, there should be a couple of these little cards in your parcel, I’ve written one for you, and the blank one, is for you to write a short inspirational or positive message, and give to someone you know, or leave somewhere for a complete stranger to find – but this is of course optional, there’s absolutely no pressure to do this if you don’t want to.

Parcel Assistant

Your *Parcel Assistant for May is, Bobby. Bobby doesn’t really get on with our other Parcel Assistants, so if you still have some living with you, from previous parcels, I recommend keeping them apart!

Karen x

*Parcel Assistants are cheeky little pompom chaps who help (or hinder!) us with packing your monthly parcels!


Stepping Outside

We’re approaching another bank holiday weekend (yay!), and fingers crossed, the weather actually looks like it may be Okay, so it’s a great excuse to get outside!

We all know that sometimes, simply taking a moment to step outside, and take in a deep breath of fresh air, is enough to make us feel a little better. Having anxiety or depression can be crippling, and being outside can be helpful for calming the mind, and allowing us to have a mindful moment.

Sitting outside can also reduce blood pressure, and lower our heart rate, as when we’re outside, our body naturally slows down, and so it can give us a sense of peace.

Being outside, especially around nature, can help reduce our stress levels, boost our mood, and has been proven to increase brain function too.

It also gives us a reason to “unplug” for a while, both physically and mentally – it may be scary to leave technology behind…but it will all still be there waiting for us when we return!

Walking can be brilliant to help increase our focus, for those moments when we feel a little lost – a brief walk, can work wonders to help us regain our ability to focus and find direction. For a significant boost in concentration and creativity, maybe escape to a forest, or a beautiful woodland.

This week was the Chelsea Flower Show, and one lovely garden was designed by Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate wanted to highlight the benefits of the natural world, and inspire children, families and communities to enjoy the great outdoors, and how being active in nature can positively impact our physical and mental health – so it must be true!!

So, find a little time over the long bank holiday weekend, to take advantage of the benefits of being in the great outdoors. Replace technology time spent on electronic devices, with a walk in the local park, or even, maybe, a bike ride…

Karen x

Mindfulness – Mindful Breathing

This mindfulness exercise is a simple one, but it can be very effective.

This doesn’t involve counting or holding your breath, it’s simply focusing on your breathing, in and out, but actually taking notice, and acknowledging it.

This can be done anywhere, but is best when sitting or lying down comfortably and relaxed.
You can close your eyes, if you’re somewhere relaxing, then take a normal slow breath in, but take note of your chest expanding as you do it, then slowly breathe out, taking notice as the air leaves you.

You can continue repeating this as long as you wish.

It can be useful during an anxiety attack, to help get your breathing back to a normal steady rate, but it can be used at any time, to refocus and help bring you back to the present moment.